Friday, August 14, 2009

Production of 'Pecorino Corzano' in full swing

Milking is settling in to a welcome routine with the last ewe lambed and all lambs weaned onto to bottle - not happy but too bad! I'm drunk with all this beautiful milk for the cheese vat. The milk quantity is double what we were getting last year thanks mostly to the unlimited barley fodder available to them. Too bad we know it won't last long as the girls taper off, until the maidens lamb in October.
So I have been stocking up with pure sheep milk pecorino, a natural rind mild cheese called 'Pecorino Corzano' after the farm in Tuscany where the recipe originated. It is looking great but still needs a month or so to ripen.
No plans at this stage to revive the 'Baa Blue' that we made this year. Appologies to the avid followers, but the logistics just couldn't fit into the grand scheme.