Friday, August 13, 2010

Milking again

True to style the ewes waited for a week of drowning wooly weather to start lambing. We had an explosive start to the season, with mostly single boy lambs to start with, but now out of 10 ewes lambed 2 have had triplets. Sadly one ewe lamb didn't make it. We are scrounging for dry ground as most of the farm is underwater. It promises to be a great spring! We have been blown away by the volume of milk supplied by the pure EF maidens, compared to our crossbreds. The poor girls are chaffing, and that's even with sharing the milk with the lambs (weaning overnight).
So the first batch of cheese has been made, a trial batch of brebis du cendre. Will it be mature enough to stand trial at next week's ASCA show? I think not - definitely not the judging part anyway :( In fact cheese of any sort is short to come by for this years show as the winter sales have been consistently strong and milk supply weak. Sorry but miracles aren't in my repertoire. All good things come to those who wait.