Prom Country cheese

Prom Picnic sheep cheese captures the true essence of Prom Country in our district of South Gippsland.

Handmade with the spring flush of fresh milk, this semi hard cheese is converted from the sweetest green grass of our farm at Moyarra.

The paddock-to-picnic experience is completed by including this versatile savory cheese in the picnic hamper on a visit to Wilsons Promontory's pristine natural beauty, particularly on a walk to Picnic Bay!

Prom Picnic has a firm body that will soften slightly at room temperature, but hold its shape on a warm day on an extended outing.

The flavor is sweet and fruity when young (3 months), developing a nuttiness as it matures and finally caramel overtones after 6 months of age. It can be enjoyed most of the year with olives, green beans, and a sangiovese red wine.

Red Hill 'Prom Picnic" sheep cheese.

Prom Picnic ripening during its first week of life.

Farm manager Bronwyn enjoying Prom Picnic on spaghetti for lunch.

Cheesemaker Burke offers a wheel of Prom Picnic fresh from the cave, ready to share.