Friday, September 25, 2009

Spring Lambs

More lambs have started dropping from the maidens. Oh what fun trying to convince them that they have responsibilities and finding puny teats. So far we have two single boys - typical. It will be good to have a little extra milk soon to top up the vat.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mmm, perfect Pecorino. The first batch of young Pecorino Corzano tastes beautiful, and has been officially released this weekend. Soft smooth texture, with small holes inside, and an aromatic, powdery white / orange rind. Flavor is like the real thing, quite complex and full. Availability is limited at the moment, but look out for it at our farmers markets.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

more happy sheep

The maidens will be lambing soon so the Prospect East Friesian ram is being kept company by a couple of his sons. These are his first progeny and we eagerly await his daughters joining the milking herd. Being next door to the ewes wasn't good enough. The lambs can't quite work out whats wrong with his udder but its worth a try anyway.

Pecorino's almost ready....

Just a couple more weeks and the Sheep Pecorino Corzano should be mature enough to enjoy. Its hard to have patience when something only comes around seasonally, but the stocks are really starting to build up. The ewes are in a good routine now but still hanging out for some fresh spring growth. The last of the lambs are almost off milk and really hoeing into the barley fodder. Goat milk supply has just tripled so its heads down for the next few months. Emilie is with us from France on her internship, studying some of the cheesemaking processes, and livening up the make room in the mean time!