Wednesday, March 16, 2011

End of season legacy

With the final milking of the season last week there wasn't enough milk to make cheese so as per tradition I made a bit of yoghurt to see us through and leave a tasty memory of the wonderful milk our ewes provide. It is going beautifully with fresh passion fruit which our vine has just started dropping by the hundreds. It appears they are a favorite of many who call in and swoon, leaving with a bag-full, so there aren't a lot left to go around. The garden is also being taken over by tomatoes and pumpkin, all growing crazy with our organic sheep manure and all this warm, wet weather.
The ewes and a fresh batch of maidens are being joined now for a winter lambing of 35 ewes, so we are looking forward to a lot more milk next season. I am traveling to Tuscany, Italy in May to do some work experience at a sheep cheesery, so this year promises some fine tuned and perhaps new sheep cheese recipes.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

ASCA Cheese & Wine Appreciation Evening

Hear myself and other cheese makers talk about our feature cheese, while matching with wines from Wild Dog Winery. I will be talking about the story behind my sheep milk Red Hill Pecorino.

Friday, 18th March