Monday, October 31, 2011

Foster produce and craft market

This weekend Red Hill Cheese attended our first market at Foster, by Wilson's Prom. The Lad and I were very pleased to be able to offer our cheeses to the people of Foster, since not only does out creek share the same name, but our Certified Organic cow milk comes from the local area at Fish Creek - Orana, the Smiths and now Pauls are local legends. It seems everyone I speak to this side of the black stump have heard of their work.
We found the market to have a spacious, relaxed atmosphere, and it was great to see some of our Melbourne regulars, visiting Prom Country over the Melbourne Cup long weekend. We look forward to some lively markets over the forthcoming season. It's very satisfying to turn Gippsland milk into Gippsland cheese and then sell it in Gippsland.