Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stormy weather

This year we have had some wild spring storms. Last week's storm was a massive deluge with full-on light show, directly over the dairy through the whole of milking. The following flash flood washed a couple of trees down the creek which went over the ford and took out the electric fence. The flattened grass and debri up the steep banks of the creek show where the water level came to, almost to the top of the tunnel under the road. Were going to have dinner before milking last night then it got blacker and Bron decided to go get the sheep early. They were stubborn of course and one got stuck in a mudhole ditch. They just don't like being rushed - used to coming in at their own leisurely pace, grazing on the way. By the time they got in the rain had started. The angry clouds came over very quickly. The usuals were into the dairy in a hurry, almost dry, but the ones left out in the yard had to hide behind the water tank in the torrent. Sheets of water were flowing through the dairy as it blew in horizontally. We managed to get through milking without the power going off and loss of any milk, as the vacuum hold the seals in the milk can closed. Bron fixed the electric fence after the last storm but there is another short this morning so we will be going hunting again. The silver lining is when the setting sun shines under clouds, lighting up the green hills against a black backdrop like it did last night. Magical (sorry no camera this time).