Saturday, October 2, 2010

Infrastructure improvements

Changes are happening in the dairy to make life more comfortable and efficient for all involved, including re-construction of the milking bail into a 5 stall rapid-exit type, re-design of the yards system and installation of a fixed-line 5 cup milking system. It is keeping us busy getting changes installed between milkings but all are happy with the improvements. The ewes now have a mineral bar to browse as they wait in the shed, and walk straight out of the bail as it lifts up after milking. Only 2 short girls are still to learn to remove their heads from the bail before it raises. Perhaps they think if their necks get stretched they might get taller! So with being able to milk 5 ewes at once we are hoping to add some extra ewes to the herd to bump up the cheese stocks this year. The pasture is jumping out of the ground and the barley sprouts are growing smoothly also so all will go well fed this year.