Saturday, October 2, 2010

Meet #8 - employee of the year 3 times running.

Profile of Number 8
Born in 2006 from a Coopworth / East Friesian cross
Heavy-boned, solid frame and resilient stamina
Quiet nature but stubborn and a little shy
Has the desirable trait of mottled, brindle skin
Well formed udder with fast milk flow
Has a third 'false' teat
Milk production up to 4L per day

A truly incredible ewe who never ceases to amaze us and be a benchmark for the rest of the herd, she has consistently produced more milk than any other sheep including our pure E. Friesians. Currently she feeds 3 lambs during the day then is giving us about 2.5L of milk each morning. They gave us a laugh in the first few weeks after the triplets were born, when more often than not all 3 lambs would be climbing or lying on her back as she chewed her cud. I don't know when she got a chance to eat.
Two years ago she had a remarkable story when one of her twins got stuck under a trough in terrible weather and almost perished with hypothermia. The lamb lived inside the house for a week and against everyone's prediction survived, so we put it back out with her mother and #8 actually took the lamb back and reared it to become a ewe in the herd. Sadly her other twin, a wether died a few weeks later when it got caught in a fence.
So we are very proud to have #8 as part of the team and are watching very closely her progeny to ensure this precious genetics lives on as a core strain of the herd.