Saturday, October 2, 2010

New seasons sheep cheese now available

As usual we will feature our award winning Red Hill Pecorino this year, the first wheels of which are just about to be released. In addition I have also produced some interesting alternatives of a soft white mold 'Tyabb Mist', an ashed fresh curd 'Baa Black', and also a moist but crumbly feta 'Friesian Fettish'.

Tyabb Mist
has a mild, sweet flavor, and a soft to oozing texture, made in a 7cm round.

Baa Black
is made in both a rectangular bar and 7cm round. It has an intriguing difference to its goat cousin 'Paradigm log'. The crazy, mottled charcoal rind gives way to a cream softness and a very rounded flavour unique to ewes milk. Best enjoyed at one month maturity when the runny curd beneath the rind stabilises, it is not strong or sharp, and the rind has a hint of lanolin.

Make sure you drop in to one of our markets or the cheesery tasting room to try one of these special cheeses. Ewes milk cheeses are still competing in the fashion stakes with goat cheeses, so if you like sheep cheeses, then please support and request them or they may not survive the test of time. It is a privilege to make these unusual styles but if the volumes aren't commercially viable then they won't get made.